Availability and reliability of Cloud services

In this topic, you will learn about the availability and reliability of the Portnox Cloud™ services.

Portnox Cloud delivers its services using Microsoft Azure infrastructure, which means that Cloud services inherit all of the availability and reliability benefits of Azure, such as:

  • Services are delivered in Availability Zones – each Availability Zone contains several redundant, distinct data centers in distinct physical and logical locations with independent utilities, eliminating a single point of failure.

  • Network connections both within Availability Zones as well as between Availability Zones use a redundant architecture, ensuring alternate routing in case of path failures.

Portnox staff performs Cloud maintenance and upgrades outside of the specific zone working hours with minimal downtime.

The best proof of high availability and reliability of Portnox services is the following chart based on the data from January 2023 to January 2024, which shows average monthly downtime of 5 minutes, outside working hours, due to cloud upgrades.