What is the Portnox Active Directory Broker (AD Broker)?

In this topic, you will learn what is the Portnox™ Active Directory Broker (AD Broker) software and how it works.

Portnox Active Directory Broker (AD Broker) is a lightweight software agent for installation on user devices. AD Broker is not necessary to use Portnox Cloud but it is necessary for the following purposes:

Installation requirements

AD Broker is only available for Microsoft Windows. If you need to use AD Broker functionality on other platforms, you need a virtual machine with Windows to install and run the broker.

The following are the minimum requirements for installing AD Broker on a Windows machine:

  • CPU: minimum: 1.4 GHz (x64 processor)
  • RAM: minimum: 8 GB, recommended: 16 GB
  • Free disk space: minimum: 1 GB
  • Connection to the internet on ports 443 and 8081
  • Connection to the corporate Active Directory or OpenLDAP
  • For AD integration: domain-joined (member of the Active Directory domain)

Troubleshooting the installation

If you need help troubleshooting the installation of AD Broker, look for answers in the Troubleshooting section for AD Broker.