Integrate with Google Workspace

In this topic, you will learn how to integrate Portnox™ Cloud with Google Workspace.

  1. Configure your Google Workspace and Google Account.

    To authenticate using credentials and Google Workspace, you must configure your Google Workspace to allow access to less secure apps.

    1. In your browser address bar, type and press the  ↩  key to open the Google Admin Console.
    2. Select the top level organizational unit, in the Less Secure Apps section, select the Allow users to manage their access to less secure apps, and then click on the Save button.

    3. For each Google Workspace user that wants to authenticate using credentials: In the browser address bar, type and press the  ↩  key to open Google Account settings for less secure apps.
      Note: Unfortunately, it is not possible for the Google Workspace administrator to turn this option globally for all accounts. Every user needs to set this option for their own account.
    4. Turn on the Allow less secure apps option.

    5. Optional: If this option is not available for your account, for example due to 2-step verification, in your browser address bar, type and press the  ↩  key to access the option to create app passwords.

      Create an app password using this option and then use this password instead of your regular account password when authenticating with credentials.

  2. In the Cloud portal top menu, click on the Settings option.

  3. In the Cloud portal left-hand menu, click on the AUTHENTICATION REPOSITORIES tile.

  4. In the right-hand side pane, find and click on the GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION heading.

    More options appear under the GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION heading and description.

  5. Enable Google Workspace integration.
    1. Under the GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION heading and description, click on the Edit link.

    2. Click on the Disabled/Enabled switch to put it in the Enabled position.

    3. Click on the Save button.

    You will be redirected to the Sign in with Google screen.

    Important: The Sign in with Google screen is managed by Google and may differ in appearance and functionality from what is described in this manual. Consult the Google manuals for more details, if necessary.
  6. Configure Google Workspace.
    1. On the Sign in with Google screen, select your Google account to sign in to Google Workspace.

      Google will open the next page of the Sign in with Google screen.

    2. On the next page, click on the Select all checkbox to grant Portnox Cloud access to the Google user and group repository.

      Note: All the displayed access privileges to Google Workspace must be selected for Portnox Cloud to work correctly.
      Important: If the selected Google Workspace account does not have administrative privileges, you may be asked to contact your administrator.
    3. Scroll the Sign in with Google page to the bottom and click on the Continue button.

      You will come back to Portnox Cloud.

    Your Google Workspace integration is now active.

  7. Under the GOOGLE WORKSPACE INTEGRATION section, click on the Force sync link.

    Portnox Cloud will start synchronizing immediately in the background with your Google Workspace. If you do not click Force sync, the synchronization process will be started automatically later.

    Note: If your Google Workspace directory is very large, this process can take up to approximately an hour.
  8. Optional: If you want to edit the options of your Google Workspace integration or configure additional options, read the following topic: Edit your Google Workspace integration.

Result: You can authenticate devices on your network using Google Workspace.