Log in to Portnox Cloud

In this topic, you will learn how to log in to Portnox™ Cloud using Portnox ID or a web login provider.

Note: To use Portnox Cloud, you must first sign up, or another Cloud user in your organization must add you as a Cloud administrator.

Open https://clear.portnox.com/ in your web browser.

  • If your Portnox Cloud account uses Portnox ID:
    1. In the Portnox™ ID field, enter the Portnox ID email address.
    2. In the Password field, enter the Portnox ID password.
    3. Click on the Login button.

  • If your Portnox Cloud account is associated with a web login provider, click on the relevant login provider tile: Google Workspace, Azure Directory (Entra ID), or Okta.

    Note: When using a web login provider, your browser will display steps relevant to that web login provider. For example, the login provider may ask you to select an account to use. Follow the web login provider instructions.
    Note: You cannot sign up for the trial of Portnox Cloud using a web login provider. You can add Portnox Cloud administrators using a web login provider.
Result: You logged in to Portnox Cloud. The browser will direct you to your tenant environment.