How to troubleshoot errors with the guest network and the captive portal service

In this topic, you will learn how to troubleshoot typical problems with the guest network and the captive portal.

HTTPS certificate errors

Problem: When guests connect to the guest portal on the NAS, they either see an error or cannot connect. Example errors: Your connection is not private; This site is not secure; Potential security risk ahead; Self-signed root certificate.

Reason: This is not caused by Portnox Cloud. Your guests connect to your NAS device’s web portal first (to understand the process better, read this topic). Your NAS device’s internal web server uses a self-signed certificate for the guest server’s domain name.

Solution: Purchase a certificate for your guest network domain name and configure your NAS’s web server to use this valid certificate instead of the self-signed certificate. Refer to your NAS documentation for more information.