Onboard a Linux device to a Wi-Fi or wired network with AgentP

In this topic, you will learn how to onboard using Portnox™ AgentP, a Linux computer, and a Wi-Fi or wired network managed by Portnox™ Cloud.

Download and install AgentP

In this section, you will download and install Portnox AgentP on your device.

  1. Open the Download Portnox AgentP page in your browser.
  2. Scroll down to Linux files and click on the tile that best represents your Linux version to download the AgentP package. Then, run the downloaded package.

  3. In the package installer window, click on the Install button.

    The following screenshots show this window in a few different distributions:

Result: AgentP is installed. The operating system will start AgentP immediately.

Register your device using AgentP

In this section, you will use Portnox™ AgentP to register your device with Portnox™ Cloud.

  1. In the Installing Portnox AgentP window:

    • Enter your corporate email address in the top section if Portnox Cloud manages your user repository.
    • Enter your corporate credentials in the bottom section if you have integrated Portnox Cloud with an external repository.

    Then, click on the REGISTER button.

  2. If you have entered the email address:
    Important: Only choose the Corporate email option if Portnox Cloud manages your user repository. Cloud manages the user repository if it’s not integrated with any external repositories such as Microsoft Azure (Entra ID), Google Workspace, or Okta Workforce Identity.
    1. Open your email client and find the email received from Portnox Cloud containing an activation link and a one-time activation code. Click on the link or copy the code to the clipboard.

    2. In AgentP, paste the code in the empty field and click on the ACTIVATE button.

Result: Your device is registered and AgentP is running.

Connect to the network using AgentP

In this section, you will use Portnox AgentP to connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Note: Connection to the wired network is configured automatically after installation. You only need to restart your wired connection.
  1. If AgentP is not running, start it from the Start menu.

  2. Click on the Settings option on the right-hand side and on the Settings page, click on the Network option on the left-hand side.

  3. Click on the name of the network to connect to it.
  4. Optional: If your group is configured for credential-based authentication, when you connect to wired or wireless networks, Linux shows a pop-up asking you to enter credentials. Enter your credentials, and click on the Connect button.

    You can also enter your identity in the down-level logon name format: domain\user, for example, vorlon.com\kosh.

    If your group is configured for certificate-based authentication, the pop-up is not displayed because it is not necessary.

Result: Your device is connected to the network managed by Portnox Cloud.

Note: Due to the limited native support of Wi-Fi adapters in Linux distributions, automatic Wi-Fi network configuration may not always work in all distributions and all installations. If not, you need to configure your network manually with the certificates downloaded by AgentP. See topic: Configure your network connection with the Portnox Cloud certificate.