How to check if the AD Broker connects to the LDAP server

In this topic, you will learn how to check if the Portnox™ Active Directory Broker connects correctly to your on-premises LDAP server.

The Portnox Active Directory Broker needs to connects to the on-premises Active Directory LDAP server.

To check if the on-premises LDAP server is reachable, use the following methods:

  • Use the following PowerShell command:

    Test-NetConnection -Port LDAP_PORT \
      -ComputerName LDAP_HOST -InformationLevel Detailed


    • LDAP_HOST: The hostname or IP address of the on-premises LDAP server
    • LDAP_PORT: The port number of the on-premises LDAP server
  • Download and run the Active Directory Explorer.

    If you have trouble seeing your LDAP users and groups using this tool, it means that your LDAP permissions configuration is the source of the problem. Change your LDAP permissions or try a different account.