Wi-Fi employee access – generic instructions

In this topic, you will learn how to configure access points to work together with Portnox™ Cloud and 802.1X RADIUS authentication for Wi-Fi connections.

  1. Configure the Portnox Cloud RADIUS servers.

    You can configure one or two Cloud RADIUS servers, as well as a local RADIUS proxy.

    For information on how to configure Cloud RADIUS servers, see the following topic: Create cloud RADIUS servers.

    For information on how to configure a local RADIUS proxy, see the following topics: Set up a local RADIUS server using a virtual machine and Run the local RADIUS server in a container.

    Result: Note down the following information for the RADIUS server(s) that you configured:
    • IP address
    • Authentication port
    • Authorization port
    • Shared secret
  2. Create or edit a group so that it supports your SSID.

    This step is necessary so that Portnox Cloud can manage network access to your SSID. If you skip this step, you will not be able to authenticate, even if you configure your access point or controller properly.

    For information on how to configure Cloud groups, see the following topic: Create a group.

  3. Configure your access point or access point controller.

    The specific steps are different for different controllers. Consult the manufacturer’s documentation for more information. For the most common APs and controllers, you can follow our examples by accessing the left-hand side menu on this page.

    1. Add RADIUS servers to the configuration.

      In most APs or controllers, there is a separate menu or option that allows you to add RADIUS authentication and authorization servers. Use the information that you noted down in step 1. Cloud authentication and authorization servers in one region have the same IP and the same shared secret, but they use a different port.

    2. Configure the SSID to use the RADIUS servers.

      In most APs or controllers, you configure your SSID as a WPA2 Enterprise network, and then you have an option to select the RADIUS servers that you added earlier to the configuration.