Onboard an iPhone to a Wi-Fi network with credentials

In this topic, you will learn how to onboard using credentials, an iPhone with iOS, and a Wi-Fi network managed by Portnox™ Cloud.

Important: Manual network configuration in iOS supports the MSCHAPv2 protocol but not the PAP protocol. This means that you can only configure the connection manually if the account is from Microsoft Active Directory, or a local CLEAR repository. To configure the connection for other repository types, for example, Azure/Entra ID and Google Workspace, you must use the self-onboarding portal and automatic provisioning to generate, download, and install the configuration, or create a profile using a profile editor.
  1. Press the Home button and press the icon of the Settings app.

  2. In the settings app, press the Wi-Fi row to change the Wi-Fi settings.

  3. In the Wi-Fi pane, press Other....

  4. In the Other Network pane, enter the name (SSID) of the Wi-Fi network managed by Portnox Cloud in the Name field.

  5. Press the Security field and in the Security pane, select WPA2 Enterprise.

  6. In the Username and Password fields, enter your credentials and press Join.

  7. In the Certificate pane, press Trust.

Result: Your iPhone phone is connected to a Wi-Fi network managed by Portnox Cloud.

Troubleshooting information: See the following topic: How to troubleshoot typical device onboarding issues.