Onboard a Linux device to a network with credentials

In this topic, you will learn how to onboard using credentials, a Linux computer, and a network managed by Portnox™ Cloud.

Configure the NetworkManager connection.
  1. Edit the NetworkManager connection file for the Wi-Fi network to connect to.


    • nano '/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/'Wired connection 1.nmconnection'
    • nano /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/HOMEWORLDWIFI1.nmconnection
  2. Add the following sections to the configuration file:
    Additionally, for Wi-Fi connections:
    • If you use a repository that supports the MSCHAPv2 protocol, for example, Active Directory or the Portnox Cloud repository (including contractor accounts), replace eap_method with peap and replace p2_method with mschapv2.

    • If you use a repository that does not support the MSCHAPv2 protocol, for example, Azure Active Directory or Google Workspace, replace eap_method with ttls and replace p2_method with pap.

    • Replace clear@identity and clear-password with the credentials that you want to use to authenticate.

  3. Restart NetworkManager.
    sudo systemctl restart NetworkManager
  4. Connect to the network using NetworkManager CLI.


    • nmcli connection up 'Wired connection 1'
    • nmcli connection up HOMEWORLDWIFI1

Result: Your Linux device is connected to the network managed by Portnox Cloud.

Troubleshooting information: See the following topic: How to troubleshoot typical device onboarding issues.